I founded Blue Hawaii Drafting Services over twelve years ago. I saw the need for a Drafting Company that produced excellent drawings to build from, as well as, one who was accountable to their clients. I heard the cries from several of my early clients, about those individuals they had hired, who did not return their calls after several months, or who completely disappeared. I also saw the plans which were submitted which left out critical construction information. I thought to myself if I were the Contractor or Carpenter, or if I were the Homeowner, would I want plans such as these? I decided from that moment on, I would provide accurate, complete plans which would enable both the Homeowner and the Contractor, to work together effectively and efficiently to provide the desired finished product with as little trouble, and headache as is possible.

Since that time I have worked alongside of several Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, and Homeowners, and have designed and permitted several thousand projects. I have had the benefit of all of these mentors who have taught me their skills, as well as applauded my work.

I am aware of the Building Codes which affect us here in Hawaii, as well as how the Building Department in Honolulu operates. I am very familiar with most, if not all of the Staff at the Department of Permitting and Planning. I understand what they require on the drawings to facilitate their approval process. They are quite familiar with my calls to them seeking answers to my clients questions or their approvals for my plans.

We are committed to improving ourselves and our final product on a daily basis. We have a strong desire to become the best that we are able to be.

We look forward to meeting with our clients and providing them with a service we can be proud of; and we take craftsmanship pride in the drawings we produce.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or comments you might have. We will be glad to assist you in anyway that we possibly can.

Very Sincerely,


Donald Corbin

President, Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc.